Monday, December 18, 2006

A Salute to My Elders

Just today someone was telling me about how nervous older people make her. She was trying to drive and this old man with his cane was walking slowly across the street and he had no one with him, etc. So here's a shout out to all the older people who are still sticking it to the man and rocking out.
Yesterday, my grandfather got a speeding ticket for doing 55 in a 30 mile zone on his way to our family chanukah party. That's right--my grandfather is breaking down the stereotype that the older you get the slower you drive one ticket at a time.
My Bubbe recently joined a gym and thought she'd check out the Silver Sneakers exercise class. Silver Sneakers, a fitness program for older adults, is sort of like a toned down aerobics class. Well, my Bubbe went to one class and couldn't wait for it to end...precisely because it was far too slow for her. 77 and flying high.
Another story about my Bubbe: A few years back, my Bubbe fell. Because of her age, the doctors were concerned and they did a Cat Scan or MRI at the hospital to make sure everything was alright. The doctor who looked at my Bubbe's report reported that he had never seen anything like it before--my Bubbe's brain was as active and sharp as a 30 year-old brain.
I'm certain that this post is only the first in what will likely become a series.

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