Monday, March 05, 2007

It's Only When I Do Something that Comes Across Wrong that I Wish People Can Read Thoughts

I'm not going to jump to any conclusions, but it's very possible that the reason the little toe on my right foot is hurting so much is because it's broken. It might just be sprained or injured though, because I was able to wear shoes after all and that doesn't sound like something a broken toe would allow. And it wasn't because of my shoes. On Shabbos a folded chair that was leaning against the wall slid down and jammed itself very hard into my toe. I didn't really mind because Zahava bought button candy for Shabbos.
Wow, a friend just looked at some of my pictures from Purim and told me I looked like a 1950s zombie maid. He is so on.
I am now going to share an embarrassing story. Not because I come out of it a hero (I don't), but because it involves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and anything that involves the TMNT needs to be mentioned. Our Shabbos meal consisted of 8 girls and I think 7 boys, but I can't remember exactly. Anyway, everyone knew everyone else and no one was being friendly, so Zahava and I ended up having our own private little conversations. Not because we were being unfriendly, but because no one cared to include us in the bigger conversation. Near the end of the meal, I heard someone mention Donatello and immediately perked up.
"Who likes Donatello anyway?" the guy was saying. "He's such a geek."
"I DO!" I shouted. (Sometimes, when overwhelmed by excitement, I shout. It was by mistake. It was also only part one of this embarrassing moment.)
"But he was just a geek who built things," the guy said.
What I should have said was "yes," or "and that's just my speed," or "I guess I have a thing for those who can apply mathematics." Any of those--any combinations of those--would have done. Instead, I looked him straight in the eye and did a come-hither "heeellooooo!" And, of course, my "heeellooooo!" came across as me hitting on him and not me explaining how I feel about Donatello and his building skills. As soon as it left my mouth, I continued staring at this guy (who had been sitting across from me the whole meal without introducing himself) in utter shock that I had done something so embarrassing. Seriously, he was not the guy I was thinking of when I did that. When I realized he was looking at me in surprise that I felt so strongly about him, I started laughing almost as hard as Zahava was at that point. And it was just as bad as I made it sound.

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Blogger Adam said...

And I bet that Donatello hating dude's favourite was Leonardo, aswell.

Can we all be safe in the knowledge that Leonardo was a jerk who no one liked??

Monday, March 05, 2007 8:47:00 AM  
Blogger The Nucular Jew said...

I'm all about Raphael

Monday, March 05, 2007 9:21:00 PM  
Anonymous mir said...

You know, Dina, I always associate TMNT with your dad (even now that I know where the names really originated from).

Monday, March 05, 2007 9:43:00 PM  
Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

'Cept that that's my dad's name, so I needed to pick a different favorite. Also, Mir, I did know that. Probably because I know everything.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 10:35:00 AM  

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