Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yesterday was a Great Day All Around

Walking down Fifth after leaving the offive for the day, I noticed a familiar head of hair bobing up and down ahead of me. Could it be, I thought, could it actually be Professor Benjamin? I took her for Jewish American Literature and Multi-Cultural American Lit and really loved her. She did this thing where she'd meet with each student individually in her offive to discuss what kind of paper they wanted to write (for Multi-Cult. we were allowed to write an informal essay about anything we wanted as long as we could relate it to something we learned or a piece by a writer we read). Her office was small and cozy, illuminated by just a couple of lamps. We didn't have much to discuss because she already knew me from Jewish-American Lit. (which I LOVED) but still, she was incredible.
I checked out her face out of the corner of my eye to confirm that it was her. It was. As I was about to turn to say hello, the little boy whose hand she was holding said, "Grandma, Grandma!"
"In the winter, it gets very cold and then when it's wet in the sky it gets too cold so it becomes snow."
They were walking so slowly and deliberately, one of her hands holding his and her other holding his tiny backpack, that I couldn't interrupt. It was just too cute. Well, she's more dignified than cute, but her gorgeous grandson made up enough cuteness for everything. Also, I always wonder about older people and hope they don't live alone and even if she doesn't live with her grandchildren, at least she has (ADORABLE!) family. I just thought of a much better way of writing this but I haven't written in forever so excuse me.

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