Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Two Year Anniversary!

It occurred to me at some point today that I completely missed Cinnamon Rugelach and Other Junk's two year anniversary. After looking through my archives to see if I commemorated its first anniversary last year, I noticed that last year I missed it too and posted a special index of my favorite posts from that year a few days late. I'm even later this year, but better that than never, I guess. (Which isn't really my fault, I'm just not big on giving significance to many days other than birthdays.)
I made an index of 22 posts that I liked because I'm turning 22 in 10 days. Just kidding. It happens to be that I just liked 22 of them. Some are long posts while some are short, some are about The Offive, some about my old car, some about the downfall of America, and some about my love for German words.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy whichever you choose to read.

Consensus is Probably Not Even the Right Word
Yes, That's a K.
Cars Can Get Really Dirty
I Need to Wear Braids
I Don't Do Social in the Morning

Oh, The Joys of Being Awesome

No...You Wake Her
You Say Tomato, I Say Potato

Except Of Course Medical Emergency

The Distance of the Sun to the Earth is Called an Astronomical Unit

Good-Bye America, said The Old Man
I Got These Old Walkin' Blues
I Do, However, Own a Yoga Mat
I'm From Here! I'm From new York!
No, We Do Not
Tomorrow I'm Going to School in Lederhosen

I Got Forty Red, White, and Blue Shoe Strings

I Swiveled My Ankle
That's Crazy.

Guten Morgen
I Would Have Had to Fill Something Out Because THERE COULD HAVE BEEN DRUGS...Which Might Have Been Why She Needed To Carry Food Around With Her, Too

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